05 August 2004

why ruin the weather? brought to you by salon.com

for the first time in very many days, the weather in the city is bearable. beyond that, it's absolutely blissful. cool, windy, and cloudy. absolute bliss. at least it was a blissful walk from the subway to work. i'll take what i can get. such as sneakers and sweaters. someday, it will be fall.

with the republican convention growing clower with every day (like things in the future tend to do), it shouldn't be a surprise that protest is popping up on the radar a bit more than usual.

protest: bad i was at this reading, a lovely, wonderful, inspiring thing. i, of course, went for the tony kushner, the john cameron mitchell, needing my fix of inspiring and lovely gay men, cause there aren't enough in my life. i had heard about the scene a couple of years ago, when it was first written, and jumped at the chance to see it read live, with fabulous famous people, and fabulous mr. kushner there, as well. if i was giving $25 to moveon.org at the same time, then bonus for me. and for them.

the reading, of course, was luminous. i was moved and inspired and all that good stuff. (tony kushner creeps up the hierarchy of my pantheon with every word he writes, that smart man.) however, as the article describes in drama-loving detail, the q&a session got a little rowdy. rather, one woman didn't know how or care to listen to the smart, thoughtful artists and organizers on the stage. reno, as salon tells us this woman is named, kept yelling about the need to be on the street during the convention. from the way she acted in this friendly environment, i don't think her ideal protest involves much singing. i think she wanted to 'fuck shit up.'

(i wish the salon article hadn't been so into the rowdy audience angle. it really was just a couple of jerks who didn't know how to listen, annoying the rest of us who were there for reasons other than to hear ourselves talk.)

then there's this. let's call it protest: good. what's the difference? i think it's somewhere around the fact that honkala's protests are for the purpose of raising awareness about an important issue, a big problem that most americans want to ignore or forget. reno, on the other hand, is focused on opposition -- no one's going to forget that there are liberals. the republican convention is by no means unopposed. the left is not invisible. and i don't think it should be. but like the smart folks were saying monday night (reno was shouting too loud to hear them), violent, rowdy protest during the convention isn't going to do any good for anyone. it gives the right exactly the images they want. it gives reno an outlet for her anger. but it's pointless and hurts her cause.

and she also was a pain in the ass in the theatre. alas.

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