09 February 2005

it's like this thing

i figure i talk enough when no one's listening, and have enough random stuff i feel like getting out there beyond that, that maybe i ought to resurrect this little project. it started last summer when i was trying to kill time in the mind-numbing summer slowness of work. now that it's pilot season, it's more about procrastination, but really about writing, even if it's the least literary thing, like, ever. (see how i used like? totally not literary. same for totally.) but it's also about the fact that i think a lot. too much. too much inane random stuff that no one really wants to hear... at least people i live with and work with, who deal with me rambling all the time. not that they don't love me. i know they do. but i'm a lot of talking and thinking out loud to handle.

so you get this instead.

1 comment:

little sister said...

Hey, Fish, it's cool. Keep blogging :D

I'll be checking back. You can even check my random and insane thoughts, if you like ;-)

later - lil sis