28 November 2005

katherine would say, 'stop apologizing!'* so i won't even start

well, look at me. back to writing in the blog. (le blog. ze blog, to go with a french accent but still keep it all english.) i’m past fooling myself or trying to fool any of you (in case anyone’s still reading this – i’ll have to make sure to somehow let you know it’s, for now, resurrected) into thinking that this is going to be a permanent, consistent thing. i wish it were. but, you know me. ooh, look, a pony! and then i’m gone.

and when things are good and interesting and busy, i don’t have the need to write here as much. i also feel like i don’t have the time or energy, but it’s much more about needing to vent, needing to think things out as i write them. (and when i’m in the habit of using this blog for my own psychological upkeep, there will occasionally be things like that vicious spider attack from sophomore year that will get me to write for sheer storytelling. though, of course, when i wrote about the spider – in a previous, wholly-abandoned web presence – it was entirely for psychological upkeep, because the spider really freaked me out, and i needed to exorcize.)

so, yes, things have been good and interesting and busy. there’s the new job, which i’ve gushed about to everyone and their mother, so i won’t get into that here. and the kittens are wholly new since last i wrote… but i gush about them to everyone all the time, too. god help you all when i have kids.

interestingly enough, when unearthing my blog, i found a link to lance’s blog in my last post. lance’s blog, the address for which i’d totally lost. (and lance, who’s fallen entirely off the face of the earth.) and lo & behold, but isn’t lance’s most recent post a month-old return to his own many-months-abandoned blog. (and then he goes and writes about the o.c., which i’ve also abandoned… but with somewhat less guilt than the blog and my blog-reading masses.) but hey, i found lance’s blog again. and found that i’m not the only one out here with no regard for my readers’ need for consistent material. bless those folks who write daily. (and be sure i get miffed when they don’t write for a few days.) but i’m entirely rambling about nothing besides the fact that i haven’t written, and that i seem, for now, to be back. because damn writing feels good.

let’s hear it for words. aren’t they just the best?

*and then she would force-feed me half a protein bar and make me do lip trills till i passed out.

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