24 December 2005

movies & chinese food*

chinese food coming tomorrow, but for our pre-christmas (well, i suppose it is christmas eve) post, a couple of things about movies.

a review, of sorts: p.s. so, so wonderful. after a month or two of the red netflix envelope's taunting, i gave in and watched this last night. (though for once this bad netflixing - is there a new verb for the leaving-netflix-dvds-unwatched thing? - wasn't my fault, but the fault of all three roommates, as we all wanted to watch this, and when did we actually think we'd be together to do that?) what a beautiful movie. i thought i'd like it (i mean, laura linney and topher grace? thanks, santa), but i didn't expect it to be so good. not just that-was-fun, that-was-sweet, but that-was-a-piece-of-quality-filmmaking, dare i say it, of quality art. as in choices made, independent of the romantic comedy ideal. one of the best love scenes i've ever seen in a movie. you know that special laura linney quality, the ruddy scrubbed-with-a-washcloth-and-harsh-soap cheeks that sort of capture her entire heartbreaking grasping-for-strength vulnerability thing? the entire movie had that. the previews didn't do this movie justice, and you should go get it and see it now. or add it to your 129-movie netflix cue. but maybe, when your roomate isn't looking, sneak it up.**

a revisiting: kissing jessica stein. caught it on lifetime or something this morning. what a good movie. (if kate reads this, she's calling me gay riiiight about now.) but i just really love this movie. if dar and i had a daughter, it'd be jennifer westfeldt's jessica stein. for real. and if my stepfather and a certain dear friend of mine's boyfriend (not ben, eli, zach, or rob - do the math)had a kid, it'd be josh myers. and bonus points for careful watching to me for catching idina menzel in a brilliant one-line performance as 'bridesmaid.' who knew.

i was half-asleep, but i caught bits of angels in america (i'm tired of making those imdb links) last night on logo.*** i couldn't be sure, because i was sorta kinda sleeping, but the channel guide made it seem like they'd turned it into a two-hour movie. even if it was one of either parts**** and not some stupid person forcing it all into a two-hour mold, it's still a one-third reduction. and we don't do that to TK.***** any other GayTV watchers out there with insight (money, here, on jmd), pipe up.

that's it so far, but this holiday time is shaping up for major cinematic bingeing. there are the bazillion movies out that i've been meaning to see (i'm too late for jarhead and shopgirl, right?), the diminishing netflix pile (not too bad - one is james'*6, and i can't remember who put van helsing on our queu.), and the dvds my mom took out for christmas.*7

so i'm home for christmabirthdakwanzisolstica.*8 happy all of that to you.

*i went through about eighty-seven possible titles, all based on the fact that i'm home this weekend, home for hannukah which happens to coincide with christmas, leaving me feeling like i'm, oddly, home for christmas. but all of those titles ('home for the holidays,' for example), carry none of that and all just sound like simple holiday references, no irony involved.

**sadly, sutton's deleted scene was not among the dvd's extras. but the deleted scenes that were included were really interesting, especially as a peek into filmmaking versus every other sort of storytelling i know. some of them completely changed how the movie's story would have come across. and to think of them existing, for the writer and director and actors, but then being cut, was just very interesting. and ohhh, topher grace. doing some very good, very un-topheristic acting in this, too.

***james and i can stop whining about how they play nothing but movies, since they're at least good movies now. (and this is where kate calls me gay again.)

****i stayed awake for emma-as-nurse speaking hebrew and the flaming bible bursting through the floor, hannah pitt badgering the homeless in the bronx, antarctica, and joe in roy's apt. that's part one, ya?

*****steven, quoted without permission from email, after seeing munich: 'Tony Kushner should be made into a Fuhrer-type figure, and we should organize ourselves as a docile population completely submissive to any and all of his orders.' points for fascism irony, but, well, okay. i'm in.

*6 cinderella story. who's gay now?

*7 crash, ray, kingdom of heaven, and love, actually. when she told me in the car, i was, well, meh. crash was too blatantly pc, l.a. was fine but just fine, and i've always had exactly zero desire to see ray. but then she reminded me what kingdom of heaven was, i was game. she couldn't remember - 'a guy movie. lots of fighting. but it's a period piece. 17th, 16th, or maybe 15th century.' - but that jogged my memory. even though it's crusades, which falls nowhere near her very broad time period. but, like i said, game. cause it's crusades... aaaand orlando bloom. without his weird pirates of the caribbean chin pubes.

*8 just needed another footnote so i don't end this entry with 'chin pubes' - happy holidays and lots of nondenominational love.


anna said...

disjointed responses:

*ps, hm? i'll have to add that to position *397* on my netflix list. i do not exaggerate.

*ray is very enjoyable. i think you'll like it.

*i just discovered that my parents get logo too. and, thus, made them watch some of ma vie en rose with me last night. love.

*abject submission to tk? sounds goot.

*from where i sit, the strike sucked. impossibly much. in addition to ruining my nyc vacation and preventing me from leaving astoria/seeing you or anyone else, i couldn't stop thinking about all the people who live paycheck to paycheck and couldn't get to work, and those who have to use the subway to get their kids to the doctor, and all the potential long-reaching impacts of missing deadlines and lost money on people's lives. this is why it was illegal, goddamnit.

John said...

assume: I am flattered by Jaime's money on me.
assume: I do know most things about gay media, especially related to that which was once on stage.

two points to Jaime

assume: I haven't had cable in years and actually have never watched this logo I keep hearing of.

minus one point Jaime

Jaime still wins with one point.

Watch for future opportunities to win points.