22 January 2006

20 second movie review: eurotrip, or: scotty doesn't know

it's been lingering on the netflix queue, but just now (an hour and a half ago) james and i caught it just as it was starting on tv. i had no idea it would be good. (expectation of goodness is not requisite for making the queue. see: a cinderella story. james. eurptrop made it on as a vaguely intriguing teen movie that also happened to star that virtuoso of shrill yelps, michelle "shrill yelp" trachtenberg.) but there was something, some sense of quirk and humor and actual smartness that made it actually wonderful. we laughed out loud almost straight through, and thoroughly enjoyed it the entire time. yes, it was a teen movie - sex and dumbness and way more boobs than any movie needs. but there was also a surprising smartness to it, an interesting and clever way of putting a movie together, jokes that were surprising and caught me off guard. and it was fabulously, wonderfully fun.


anna said...

"that virtuoso of shrill yelps, michelle "shrill yelp" trachtenberg"

loud sniggle. that is all.

anna said...

wait, no, that is not all.

a) "welcome to the wanking world of cultural history. (t. bewes)"

when did he say that?!

b) i made the sidebar! i feel so special!

c) the top two sidebar items are our mutual obsessions! all hail salon and flea!