02 January 2006

25 minutes and counting

(sitting here with hair dye percolating or doing whatever it does - sorry to shatter any of your illusions that i'm naturally all raven-haired. i've been meaning to write for a few days, obligatory new year's reflections bouncing around in my head - i suppose they're percolating, while the dye's permeating - but it's been daunting, and i've been, well, lazy. but with the proverbial egg timer ticking, a few thoughts.)

i don't go in for new year's resolutions. i resolve enough things throughout the year (and we see how many of them last, right? how clean is my room?) that i don't need a special occasion. besides, everyone's resolving this time of year (see: the crazy gym crowds) - it's so common. but i do like any milestoney excuse to reflect. so i will.

this has been, i believe, a great year. a few days (it could have been two days or two weeks - time worked so strangely then) after september 11th, allison g. and i came to discussing what that day would be remembered as - we have 'pearl harbor,' 'd-day,' all that, so what would this be. we settled on 'the twin towers' - 'mom, where were you for the twin towers?' we didn't take the pentagon and the field in pa into account, i admit. and, obviously, we were wrong. so what will this year be? i wouldn't normally think a year would be 'the year when...', especially in this post-school life, with no grades to delineate, but i do think this year will go down that way.

'the year when i started at m--.*' new jobs are always big changes. but this is one of those jobs that is the first step in a major long-term life-path. some day, when i'm artistic director of the public (or whatever), i'll look back at this october 3rd as, if not what started it, still something huge.

'the year we started tempco.**' as lila said to clair at new year's, 'in 2005 we started a theatre company. and it's 2006 and we still have a theatre company.'

'the year we got the kittens.' it occured to me a after a few days of having them, that if all goes well, meg could be around for my 40th birthday. if all goes well meg will be there when i have children. kittens are really the best thing ever, and these two psycho freaks have brought a huge amount of joy to our little apartment. for all that we call them crazy and retarded***, and for all the red scratches over my hands, they are super awesome. i recommend kitten-getting to everyone.

well, tis time to rinse the dye. happy new year to everyone, with lots of love. may 2006 kick a lot, a lot of ass.

*taking a cue from wil - i'm none too veiled, and i don't think i'd get fired for talking about work, but it happens, so why not be careful.

**temporary theatre company. as artistic director i'm allowed to plaster that all over the internet. and especially, til we get a website: temporary theatre company! temporary theatre company! temporary theatre company! (new production coming this spring.)

***which, of course, they are.

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Wil said...

I'm honored to have a cue taken from me. Looking forward to seeing this dye-job. Always wanted to dye my hair; haven't yet.