04 January 2006

the cult of tk*

i have just spent the last ten minutes, at least, of my workday trying to come up with a word i like enough to have as my myspace url. a myspace site i’m creating, you see, having no need of a myspace site of my own, almost entirely for the purpose of seeing other people's websites. the basics were taken – jaimeg, for example – as was, somehow, trapezium (a bone in the hand, and a word i’ve always liked). so then i launched into this weird scouring of the web – wikipedia (names of bones and rhetorical terms), thesaurus.com, the visual thesaurus (i don’t have java, so that ended there). but still nothing. i don’t know if this is me being anal, a perfectionist, or really just that enamored of words. i mean, i always knew i loved language, and my perfectionism has an occasional tendency to the obsessive, but this is just getting ridiculous.

so i ask myself and you: what words have i always loved? [here i think about defenestrate, which i love not for its poetry or sound but just because it exists. here i think that i don’t tend to have favorite words so much as phrases. like “except valium. in wee fistfuls.**” phrases that i tend to love as much for their context (see: valium in wee fistfuls) as their poetry. but then here is where i make up my mind.]

and bless my soul. myspace.com/weefistfuls isn’t already taken.

*ten bucks (not really) to anyone who can get rid of the line break*** before "tk." i refuse to compromise and make the whole title a link. it is driving me into a nearly murderous rage.

***please tell me you see it, too. i mean, it's ugly and bad and i don't want you to be seeing it, but i also don't want my computer getting creative with the html interpretation, if you know what i mean.


p.s. - does anyone want to see jenny lewis (of rilo kiley, and troop beverly hills) on february 5th? emo/country girl-rock. good stuff.

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Swedish Girl said...

In a theatre, I once sat and watched a woman pretending to be a flower for 45 minutes. Now THAT was boredom.