29 January 2006

half-pound of pickle slices? anyone?

fresh direct does not, technically, give you a welcome-back gift for returning to their service after a long absence. my return happened to coincide with a free-shipping special, but other than that, i got my groceries delivered, i got my loaf of The Best Bread Ever Which Happens To Be Cheaper Than Anything Else Too, and that was it. happy girl.

but there was some sort of cosmic welcome-back-something going on, because in addition to the Best Bread, and soy yogurt and all that, i got an extra box. i called fresh direct - it was barely five minutes after delivery, and though my name was on the box's label, this was someone else's food, so maybe the guy would come back to redeliver it? but no. 'well,' fresh direct lady said. 'can you use the food?' 'i mean, sure.' 'well keep it - it was our mistake, we're not charging you for it.'

a couple of weeks ago james ordered in sushi, and i wondered if it wasn't time to start eating fish again. though i'm pretty happy with it, i've never had a good reason for being a vegetarian. and the fish looked so damn good. and now i wonder if the fresh direct fairy's box wasn't some sort of sign:

  • ten bananas
  • a bag of carrots
  • five onions
  • one tangerine
  • light havarti
  • mozzarella
  • a hunk of ham
  • one two-pound tub of sweet pickle slices
  • lemon-seasoned sole fillet
  • two big cuts of salmon
first of all, someone was planning some sort of party or big dinner.* second of all, why so many onions and so few tangerines? third, really, does anyone want the pickles? and fourth, last, how do you get a shipment of fresh fish nicer than any you'd be able to really afford yourself, right when you'd been thinking about starting to eat it again, and not think about this long and hard?

*i have trouble accepting that there are households that regularly, for their own personal regular consumption, buy, at one go, such quantities of onions and bananas, such hunks of cheese, such cuts of fish and ham. the ham and fish alone were $50. i will, though, accept it. but the pickles? come on.


anna said...

damn! i want an extra freshdirect box! i want *any* freshdirect box! i miss nyc. and having access to groceries.

i also hope that the intended recipient got the food he or she needed before too late and that they apologized profusely. and that this will teach him or her to think twice about the cosmic ramifications of ordering that many sweet pickles.

enjoy the fish!

FreeThinker said...

I don't want to know what was cooking!