18 January 2006

a small miscellany

over the weekend i finished 'everything bad is good for you.' i very much enjoyed this book. it made me long for (crave, even, i'd say) the sims & civilization. i settled for mario kart (seemed more apropos than mortal kombat, the other option in the house), and sparked a mario kart revival in the apartment. which, in turn, has sparked a massive cursing revival in me.


all plans for meeting tony kushner through work have fallen through. all that's left is for oskar to set us up on a coffee date. in discussing this, my boss and i somehow came to the option of me carrying his child. without hesitation i said i would. i meant as sort of womb-donor, renting it out, subletting, but my boss meant that i would raise tk's child with him. i said i would leave this job in a second to do so. boss doubted me. i said, 'really.' because as much as this blog is making it seem like i have a scarier, more stalkery love for tk than i actually do, i would drop everything to be his kept woman slash nursemaid, in a heartbeat.


i am terrified of this Stomach Flu That Lasts For A Week that seems to be making the rounds. allison, then wil, and lots of people i don't know first-hand. there's a reason stomach viruses are 24-hour - more than that much puking just isn't meant to be withstood. especially with my already-weak stomach situation, i've embarked on a hand-washing campaign of epic, obsessive proportion.


(i'm really not obsessed with tony kushner. the fact that it's tony kushner makes my boy-band-style crush less pathetic, but it's really not even as pathetic as it seems here. he's just very very smart and a very very good writer. i'll stop now, because i already doth protest too much.)


i'm currently (as the updated sidebar proclaims) reading 'high fidelity.' when you read a british book, when you know it's a british author, and especially with a british first-person narrator, do you read with the accent? the in-my-head-voice of reading has always interested me, in its incorporeality. i know all voices are incorporeal, but this one even more so. in that it's words in a purer form than spoken, cleansed of voice and sound. and yet this voiceless speaking manages to take on a british accent when i read. i'm finding the effect, with this book, especially strong. and i'm enjoying it especially much.

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Jesster said...

Get that antibacterial stuff with lotion for your hands. Mmmmm.