12 January 2006

support my ego; support the cows

little did i know but it's International De-Lurking Week, the official week for people who read blogs and don't comment to fricking comment already! over at chez laid-off dad there's a charity twist, too - for every comment (or every commenting visitor, to be accurate), mr. and mrs. laid-off dad will donate $1 to heifer international, a wonderful charity (and not just because it was featured on the west wing). so go over there and comment. $1 can buy, like, a coop of chickens or something for a needy family. (while there you can see how i mispelled 'heifer' and just made a general moron of myself.) and if you haven't ever piped up (here or in the "real" world) to let me know you're reading this, it'd be cool if you did that, too.


in other news, i am, for the first time in many months, eating a slice of pizza. because bless my heart, i've found soy cheese pizza at 73rd and 2nd! and, uh, that's close to my apartment. and i'm happy. (they have "normal" pizza, too.)

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