30 March 2006

"tell them i'm in a frat too, ok?" [with update/rebuttal]

my little sister, who has been eightteen times cooler than i am since she started getting into all sorts of obscure emo and ska via the internet when she was, like, eleven,* recently got a new tattoo. well, a pair of them. two years ago she got the sign for leo on the top of her foot. but she's out-emo'd herself this time.

yes, folks. that's 'light' and 'ashes,' on the insides of her wrists. 'light' and 'ashes,' from a song lyric: whether for light or for ashes, all of us burn for something. she denies that this is emo. she says if it were emo it would be guns and birds and blood. i say she has emo confused with rednecks,** and what are they teaching her in massachusetts? to be emo, that's what. kids, they grow up so fast.

(and did i mention she's in a sorority? where did i go wrong?)

[via AIM:
sister: fake aim name (12:24:09 PM): i think its way too positive to be emo
sister: says my friend melissa
sister: fake aim name (12:24:59 PM): its saying that we all have something we live for, if it was emo, it would say "the world sucks, there is nothing but emptyness" and then instead of getting a tattoo, you would have carved yourself a tunnel to your veins.

whatever. fine. and mom loves you more.]

*okay, fourteen. and, okay, for many years there my coolness ranking was sunk so low in negative points that just about anyone would be eightteen times cooler than me... as long as you ignore the rules of multiplying by a negative number. just as i've ignored the rules against saying "cooler than me." because "cooler than i" sounds gay. and makes you uncool.

**though with the whole lyric, it does seem kinda jesusy. did i mention she spent spring break doing volunteer work in alabama? i think she came back with some serious love of christ.

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