11 April 2006

call for submissions

of ideas. part of my work at le job is to organize the talkbacks for our shows. not to ruin anything, but a major theme in our next play is the morality of a fiction writer mining his life for material. so one talkback will, ideally, be on this theme, and one member of that night's panel would, again ideally, be a real live fiction writer who can speak first-hand about how you negotiate that. i feel like there's a very right, perfect person for this, a writer who draws from his (or her) life in his writing, who deals with this issue, who can talk about making those hard decisions, and maybe what happens when their idea of where's proper to draw the line isn't shared by everyone. there's this right, perfect person out there, and i can't think of who the heck it is. so please. ideas. bonus points for writers living in nyc, bonus points for name recognition, but really, let the ideas flow.

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