26 April 2006

i am so easy to please

as i went to sign in to my yahoo mail this morning, i got a wonderful little message, an invitation to try yahoo mail beta. (an invitation to finally come off a waitlist i'd been on for many months.) yahoo mail beta is a lovely little thing (i think 'interface' is the proper word), basically ripped off from outlook. of course, with the big-ass ad column on the right, it only looks decent with a much higher screen resolution than i'd been using, so now everything on my screen is wee and delicate. inspired by so many technological leaps and bounds so early in the morning, i decided it was time to finally get firefox for the work computer. so now i sit writing this, on one of five tabs - blogs and my lovely little yahoo mail beta and such - with an equally lovely row of toolbar link button things above. makes it all feel a little more like home.

(and when i said above 'so early in the morning,' i wasn't kidding... in theatre terms, of course. there was supposed to be a department head meeting this morning in place of the usual 9am - that's an hour before regular time - wednesday staff meeting. wednesdays being, of course, often the day i'm working till 8 or 9 at night. splat, right? though not a department head, our executive director wanted me there because of the literary nature of the meeting. but of course, when an email went out yesterday cancelling said meeting, i did not get said email, not being one of said department heads. so i got here an hour early - as did a dept. head who'd been out of the office yesterday - for no good reason. and i'm really really tired. and wanted to complain. thanks.)

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