14 April 2006

we're chasing everything we've ever wanted / a melody softly soaring through my atmoshpere

there's something reassuring in the fact that i still rock out hard enough to wake up with a sore neck. though i suppose there's also something depressing in the fact that, after i rock out, i wake up with a sore neck.

last night was the franz ferdinand / death cab for cutie show at hammerstein ballroom. rawk!! what at first seemed like the absolute weirdest double bill ever proved to be perfect - you want your rock, right, your want irony and glam homoeroticism, but you also want some earnest grooving, a sweet slightly muppetty boy telling you in his sweet high voice how sincerely he appreciates you sticking around, and be good to each other, and get home safe.

laurel and i were both surprised in the playing order, assuming, and not liking, that since ff is the more mtv-famous band, they'd get the second set of the double-headlining show. but it turned out to be justly arranged (curious if they alternate), with death cab, you know, with four times more cds than franz ferdinand, going last. just, and also, i think, the best way to order it. at the end of franz ferdinand, it's all woo! rock! - you're all hyped up with nowhere to go. but that hypedness segues into death cab - it's not a let down because you're so psyched to see ben gibbard and all his adorable cardiganness, and then death cab takes it down a notch (though rocking more than i'd expected), and ends with a lovely acoustic "i will follow you into the dark,"and sets you gently back out into the world.* after concerts, more than anything else, i'm left with a five-year-old's sort of disappointment in not wanting the two-plus hours of awesomeness to be over, not yet, not ever. but the arrangement of last night, and the gentle encore, left me headed for the subway completely at ease and serene, albeit really needing to pee.

it's good to be getting back to actual rock music. so many of the concerts i've gone to in the last four or five years have been so chill. don't get me wrong - i love dar and susan werner** like nobody's business, and i will always love being able to sit at a concert, maybe at a table with a cup of coffee or dessert, to be able to leave without my ears ringing. but i grew up with concerts=ROCK!!!!, and i still loves me a thrashing guitar. there's been a little of that during my notorious lovely/folk/is-jaime-a-dyke? college music years - notably the warped tour a few summers ago with marissa (little sister, she of the EMO tattoos)*** - but two real rock concerts in a little over a month feels very, very good.**** must get myself on the suicide machines mailing list, catch them this summer. who's coming with me?


*that's an idea i first encountered in a review of in america. the reviewer invoked this idea in an unfortunately literal way, in that the movie ends with a little girl narrating you back out into the real world - and i actually like the world of a movie to stick with me more than that - but it's a concept i like, and one that i find much more necessary after rock concerts than after movies or plays.

**joe's pub, may 19th!

***and having come off a couple of years of mostly folk, it was really refreshing (and really fucking awesome) to be pressed against the barrier at the front of the stage, all crammed in with the sweaty screaming kids for the suicide machines, screaming along. they fucking rock.

****also must give the mad props & shout out to todd & his new york debut with the harlem shakes. bowery ballroom is for reals. proves i was right when, a couple years ago, i put todd in my phone as 'todd, major rockstar.' that show at the bowery should not be discounted from the recent rocking. it's a little different when you've got a friend in the band, but still, todd rocks.

[PS - this post on one good thing today is really wonderful. romance and carnies and the fleeting nature of... stuff. go read it.]

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Wil said...

Your description of Ben Gibbard is excellent and quite sweet. Is it too much to refer to him as a symbol of the zeitgeist? Cause I kinda wanna.