06 April 2006

you don't know what love is till you steal it in a cardboard box from harlem [updated]

one saturday early last june, james and i took the bus uptown to the city's animal shelter, whose acronym i have since forgotten. a few hours later, i came home with this:

well, actually, we came home with these:

meg and phineus.

(naptime on posner)

and actually, meg was stolen. there's a three-day waiting period at the shelter between when an animal's dropped off and when they can be adopted - just in case some distraught person comes in, oh no! i left a crate of malnourished kittens on a streetcorner in the bronx, and someone took them! do you have my kittens here? when james and i went to the shelter, phineus* had been there for three days, but meg had only been there for one. i found this out, of course, after i'd been walking around with her cupped to my shoulder calling her 'my girl.' at first, the shelter guy told me to come back monday right at opening, to be first in line to collect my little girl.** but then, conspiratorially, he said, hey, just try to go down there with her number, see what happens. worst case they say she can't go yet, and you come back monday. the whole time we were at the counter i kept waiting for someone to say, hey, wait, she can't go yet. when we walked out the door with our cardboard box of kittens, plural, i felt like i had gotten away with the biggest, most wonderful sneaky trick ever.

meg, after the most fabulous heroine of a book ever, meg murray (o'keefe).***

a beautiful kitten, and we love her very much, even if sometimes she is a little... slow. we love her very much, even if james' nickname for her is 'tard.

we've done some horrible things to her****:

but we love her very, very much. look how pretty she is, among the food emporium bags. (full of brand new kitty litter and her first bag of adult food!)

happy (arbitrary, since you were found on the street) first birthday, megling. you're the best thing i ever stole.

*and his two sisters - each of our kittens was in a threesome of littermates before we ripped them away from their families to become part of our own disfunctional crazyhouse.

**the system is that the animals are upstairs, each with a number on their tag. you go up to the cages, fall in love, and then go down to the front desk with your new baby's number. fill out some paperwork, and then someone brings down your new pet.

***meg murray is the kind of character i'd name a daughter after, but, agnostic as i am, naming a daughter 'margaret' is only a step or two away from 'christian' or 'jesus.'

****added, at kate's request, the birth of meg:

sorry, kitten.


Jennifer said...

Hey, I found you through dooce.

Those are some cute kitties! Sometimes I feel bad for posting so many pictures of my cats, but I just can't help it, they're so cute. And they're not half as cute as yours. Mine hate each other :(

Monkey said...

Beautiful! I've always found that rescued animals make the most loyal and best pets!

Cauri said...

heh, found you on dooce too =)

The word 'kitten' makes me go click crazy =) Your little babies are so beautiful! I LOVE how they sleep together! You're so lucky, and thanks for sharing =)

SerenitySprings said...

My best cats have always been the ones that I've...um...found.

Anonymous said...

I admire Meg Murray myself! I found you by way of dooce's comments, and just want to assure you that if you're admiring Ms. Murray O'Keefe, you're already three quarters of the way there...

Kate said...

Why didn't you put up "the birth of meg"?

ps. am i allowed to post on your blog? are we at "that point"? can i make use of quotation marks any more in my "comment"?

Anonymous said...

aww. your kittens are so cute. love them just looking at them!

thegrouch said...

i love the pics of your cats. i have 2 myself (george and atticus) and the amount of joy they bring me every day is just a blessing. i'm glad i found you through dooce.

Alex said...

I found you through dooce as well, and I must say that your kitties almost rival mine in terms of cuteness. Alas, I don't have any pictures of them to put up anywhere, but looking at yours made me very very happy.