12 May 2006


last night hideki matsui, my japanese baseball boyfriend of the solid thighs and nice cheekbones, broke his wrist. i feel like a bad girlfriend for not having been watching. (but then, i feel like a bad baseball person for caring so much about things like cheekbones and thighs.) my fondness for hideki is only a bit less arbitrary than my childhood love for mets catcher todd hundley. in that i don't think i ever saw todd hundley's face. and even though i insist that i'm really still a mets fan at heart, living with a yankee fan for three years gets you to know the players so well that it's hard not to get involved. i still always want the mets to win, but i have no clue who's on that team.

i don't know why i latched on to hideki. i mean, i don't really have a conception of the subtleties of what makes some players better than others. but i've just always liked him, and, as i use 'my boyfriend' to mean 'that guy that i like,' when we talk about the yankees, it's been hideki. so when i heard he broke his wrist in the first inning of last night's game, i was bummed. joe torre says he'll probably be out three months. kate says he's probably out for the year. if my luck has anything to do with it... well, let's just say that for hideki's sake i hope it doesn't.

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