02 May 2006

feeling old, or very young

when i recently acquired my so-old-it's-retro ipod (thank you, anna), and more recently, acquired my second-hand computer (thank you, james), i set about collecting my music in that beautiful little white box. much of this work had already been done for me, since much of my music is music i got from james, and as such was already on the inherited computer. this has meant that i've been able to be lazy about sitting down and devoting an afternoon to cd transfer after cd transfer. i've been doing it sort of piecemeal - a belle & sebastian here, a death cab there - just the things i feel i really really need to have in my pocket at all times. for the two dave matthews double live cd sets from tenth grade, i'm not in such a big rush.

one cd i was anxious to reunite with was the suicide machines' destruction by definition. one day in eighth grade i was at the mall, in one of those hemp & rock tees sorts of stores, incense & chain necklaces. i asked what cd they were playing, went out and bought it, and fell in love. this is an act of on-faith cd-buying success only rivaled by pavement's brighten the corners and rancid's ...and out come the wolves, and not the sort of thing i, sadly, find myself doing in my "grownup" years. an awesome, awesome cd. and also, when i recently went into my dusty case of high school cd's, apparently, not very surprisingly, missing. so i went onto amazon (after learning that neither itunes nor the virgin megastore carry this record) and, with money that i really can't afford to spend on this, ordered copy deux, which arrived today.

sigh. flipping through the lyrics, every song comes back, and they're all bouncing (skanking?) around my head right now. it is making me incredibly happy, and not just because the showtunes were starting to grate. it is also really weird that i first bought this cd more than ten years ago. a few summers ago, marissa and i went to the warped tour, and i was basically front row (of the crazy moshing crowd) for the suicide machines' set. it was fucking awesome. i think they're touring this summer, and i intend to be there, pressing my spleen against the front railing... or having that done for me by the 300 moshing/skanking guys behind me. i cannot wait to get home and get this in my computer. and rock the fuck out.

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