24 May 2006

like eddie izzard, but in pants

okay, so rather than a theatre-only blog, this is becoming a repost-good-clips-from-video-dog blog. but what the heck. this made me laugh out loud, which i don't often do watching things at home alone. hard as that may be to believe if you've ever sat in an audience with me. or had me sit in an audience of a play you were in. and even if you don't think this is funny, you've just gotten to listen to a lovely accent for a bit, so don't complain. (though, could someone let me know if you can watch this without being a salon subscriber? merci.)

craig ferguson is funny, which i might have known before if i were capable of staying awake past 10pm

*yes, eddie izzard often wears pants. under his dresses. with lipstick. and in heels. so pfft.

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