23 May 2006

no, really. watch what you wish for. (or: the giving of mad props)

so here i was, all i don't see enough theatre and there are all these plays i want to see, and then it went totally fucking crazy, and i've barely caught my breath. i haven't written in a while because all i've had to write about was plays, and as much as i love telling you what to think about theatre, it's not *all* i'm good for, and as much as i love theatre-only blogs, that isn't what i want this to be. but i also don't want it to be a neglected blog.

so first, there's this. because this isn't a theatre-only blog. it's a theatre-and-cute-little-animals blog. aww, right?

now back to theatre, theatre so remarkable (as in, able to be remarked upon, needing to be remarked upon) that i'm willing to risk it. 'it' being whatever fate awaits people who can do nothing but blog about theatre. spring awakening at atlantic. spring awakening the musical, that is. ("spring awakening!"?) music by duncan sheik. book & lyrics by steven sater. but what you really care about, pop-whores, is music by duncan sheik.

go see this right now. not the Best thing ever, as in pure quality of theatre (like, it's not the pillowman of off-broadway musicals), but one of the most daring, most lovely, most great. (granted, that might have been second-preview-roughness. but it was lovely roughness.) a gorgeous production, expertly directed by michael mayer, whom i might be able to forgive for the celluloid butchering of a home at the end of the world. (the wig from which colin farrel seems to be reprising in miami vice.) a really gorgeous production, lots of strong, strange choices that work beautifully. (except, sadly, for the completely misguided choreography. quoi?) also a uniformly fantastic cast, the oldest of whom is 23 years old (not counting the two adults.) because i'm a bad student, i never read the wedekind play, so the story was new to me. and a fantastically-chosen story it is, managing to be completely topical and current without any Concepty forcing of it. it's just relevent, without any work. and not to take anything for granted, oh what gorgeous music. a fantastic choice, probably on the part of steven sater, to keep the book sort of formal and old-feeling, and the songs completely contemporary, in musicl and lyrics. gorgeous. (though at times the book got a little too clunky.) and the gorgeous music isn't just d.s. - sater's lyrics (oh, i'm gonna bruise you. oh, you're gonna be my bruise being a repeated bit that particularly struck me, and has stuck with me, too) are gorgeous. i know i keep saying 'gorgeous,' but it's the perfect word for this show. that, and 'daring.' mad mad props to everyone involved, and especially to the atlantic, for doing such a daring show. i mean, they probably have the money to back it up, and the duncan sheik name cache brings in some tickets, but still, a large cast musical about fifteen-year-olds having sex in the 1890s is not the most sure-fire thing.

and then to make it a full evening of subversion-of-opressive-regimes in chelsea, james and i went from spring awakening to the davinci code. i won't say much about it because there's not much to say - it's a perfectly good adaptation of the book. but i will take a moment to sigh for paul bettany. ( ) there.

now, because all the cool kids are doing it, i too will mention david's hot guy alerts. every time david sees a hot guy in a show, he adds them to the list. which is basically what i do, but i do it with an email to john. rocco says, "i really enjoy when people treat the theatre industry like the rest of the world treats the film industry," and i agree. but, unfortunately, i have to keep my twelve-year-old-girl fandom in my head, or at least off of the interweb. or at least i have to try. the best thing about david's list is that susan blackwell from [title of show] is on it, and it is not because she's a handsome lady, but because she's awesome.

david is also on a mission to see 131 shows in 2006 - he saw 130 in '05, and is also racing a friend of his. i don't keep track of how many shows i see a year. but i do have a fantastical color-coded outlook calendar, so i can go back and count. not counting readings or multiple viewings, tonight will make 27. so david's really kicking my ass, as defiance was his #62. (ooh, minus points for david, as he gave it four out of five stars.) whipping out my microsoft windows calculator, 131 shows in a year is 2.5 shows per week. which is more than i actually want to see. because with 2.5 shows per week, plus the one or two readings at work, my head would completely explode. so i'll let david win, give him mad props for loving the theatre and supporting it and appreciating the hot guys of it (a good mix of the gay-porn-able and dorky/cute), and we'll leave it at that.


Jeremy said...

'except, sadly, for the completely misguided choreography. quoi?'

Glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Although it seems we agree on a lot of the other pros and cons.

Noticed you're a JRB fan. Are you planning on seeing him at Birdland? I know I'm a stranger, but I'm a friendly, non-psycho one. Check out my blog. Drop me a line (e-mail's at the bottom of the page) if you're interested in seeing him maybe.

Jeremy said...

If I were gay, David's Hot Guy Alerts would definitely be my homepage. Genius! And I only noticed it on the second read-through of this post. :-)