01 May 2006

surplus recommends and doesn't

surplus recommends: indecision by benjamin kunkel. wonderful writing, engaging story. a balance i don't think i've found before between a contemporary twenty-something pop culture-infused voice and a nearly poetic lyrical sensibility. not sure about the ending, but still great. totally worth all the hype it was getting a few months ago.

surplus also, relatedly, recommends: reading over-hyped books a few months after the hype. (see also: extremely loud and incredibly close)

surplus does not recommend: shining city, by connor mcpherson, now playing at the biltmore. my boss claims the fault was in the direction, that this reads movingly and beautifully. i have my doubts, as i had to talk through the play with james on the subway to brooklyn to understand the shape of the thing, and how anything was supposed to relate to anything else. i was left with the distinct impression that i'd missed something, like i wasn't getting it - completely unsatisfying and frustrating. because i hadn't missed anything, it was just that poorly woven together. after talking through scene-by-scene with james, i understood what it was trying to do, but it so didn't work. gorgeous set, though.

surplus recommends: the biltmore, a broadway house so pretty i want to lick it.

while we're talking about licking, surplus also recommends: redeeming overlong, heavy-handedly dramaturgical scene changes with having your lead actor change costume on stage.* but surplus would like you to realize that, once you set the precedent in the first scene change, she'll be waiting for it in every subsequent transition. anticipating it, james will confirm, with a little encouraging motion of one taking one's shirt off over one's head. and just when she thinks it was just that once, he'll change his pants on stage, too, which surplus recommends and appreciates.

surplus recommends: boxer-briefs.

surplus recommends: the central park zoo. spent a few hours there with james, allison, and ali on saturday afternoon. haven't been since probably before high school, but every morning i see it from the bus heading to work - very great to get in there. and i learned about arctic wolves' feet-al circulation. very interesting.

surplus does not recommend: planning a recommends/doesn't recommend blog post when there's only really one thing to unrecommend.

surplus recommends, again: [title of show]. saw it for, i admit, the third time saturday afternoon.** this is a great three-viewing show: first time, the jokes were funny in their surprisingness. second time the shocks of the jokes*** wasn't ther, and it wasn't as funny. third time, though, i was past the shockiness and got back to the basic, intrinsic funny of the whole thing. mad props and shout-outs. god, if the tossers read my blog, i might just die.*** go see it this summer in its commercial reincarnation, bitches.

surplus does not recommend: west soy soy yogurt. silk is much better. i wrote fresh direct a note about this a few weeks ago, asking them to please stock the silk stuff - since they already have silk products, there can't be some embargo, and it's really so much better. last night i dreamt that on the fresh direct website there was a survey about new products they were considering, and i was so pleased to see the silk yogurt on there. and then i woke up.

*for professionalism's sake, i won't say which half-naked actor i was ogling. i can get away with this omission since there are two leads: brĂ­­an f. o'byrne and oliver platt.

**this is something i'm not afraid to admit because none of these times did i pay. so it's not total embarrassing fandom.

***not shock-value shock (though broadway.com can suck my cock, too, hunter), but the surprise of the jokes.

****what was i saying about not total embarrassing fandom?


Rocco said...

That sucks! What a shame to waste Bryan F. on a bad show. And also to have closed RABBIT HOLE just to put something bad into the Biltmore.

anna said...

a) you dream about freshdirect.

b) i decided that warren and i should go see this [title of show]. and then i looked at ticket prices. fucking hell.