15 June 2006

amazing discoveries that make me feel like a stalker (or: why i'm not stealing these babies)

for a little while now james has had this act going on. it goes like this: oh, hey, i think i heard james urbaniak is in something now. yeah, i think i read somewhere that he's doing something. i don't remember what, though. well, today i'd had too much. so i googled him.

after the imdb crap, and a handful of thom pain reviews (sigh), i came across james urbaniak's myspace page. you think it's all cool and sorta strange that he has one, right? but wait. cause the myspace page brought me to this.

that's right. james urbaniak has an eljay.

he also has babies. two of them - wee fraternal twins, severn jerzy and esme maeve. (that's a boy and a girl, in case you can't tell, which you can't, because those names are totally crazy.) we can only hope that severn's middle name is in honor of grotowsky. i'm usually a real republican about names (it all started with the wbru dj dillony, and me saying "dillony's not a real name" and james saying "you're a republican."), but the old-fashionedness of these wins me over. a name that's one letter away from a number is a little dodgy, but "esme maeve" is just too cute. ("ess-mee"?)

and speaking of: gratuitous cuteness (with obligatory captions). they do look a little like space aliens, but they're megacute. lucky for their dad i like him too much to steal his babies.


anna said...

i'm losing my shit over his captions. how often does the internet make me laugh out loud? NOT OFTEN. this guy gets major points.

also, i lovelovelove the cloisters and their bizarre construction. and that park. and i agree that some of the neighborhoods up there are extraordinary - my friend used to live one stop south of the cloisters stop and i adored her neighborhood. a little annoying to get to, but so is astoria.

and catching up on your blog after far too long. would have liked to see you tonight, but dinner date - though she flaked - didn't flake until seven freaking thirty. so. soon. miss you.

Jeremy said...

I must agree with Anna. Ha. Freakin. Larious.

As for the names, Severn makes me think of Suffern. (Yeah, I totally went for the Rock. Cty. ref.)

And Esme reminds me of the Salinger story, "For Esmé - with Love and Squalor." From Nine Pieces of Wonderful! (Come outta hiding already J.D. and write us s'more.)

Kate said...

jaime, muchas gracias for the post on my blog. i´m crashing and burning over here in spain-ville. even though i´m in the SOOOO beginner class, they insist on teaching it in spanish. HUH? i maybe understood 10% of what was said today. yikes, man. yikes. i hear james had to go to the ER. Did he ask me if i could get a job?