30 June 2006

because we get our theatre news from alt-porn websites

suicidegirls news, via gawker, and actually from some other website to begin with:

Hollywood beauty NATALIE PORTMAN and cross-dressing Brit EDDIE IZZARD are going head-to-head for the chance to play SALLY BOWLES in the London theatre production of CABARET. The STAR WARS actress, 25, and OCEAN'S TWELVE star Izzard, 44, are desperate to play LIZA MINNELLI's film role on the West End stage. A theatre source tells British newspaper Daily Express, "Eddie is an inspired choice and looks great in women's clothes - but he's unlikely to go down well with purists. "Yet as a Hollywood star, Natalie's incredibly bankable and she's an accomplished dancer. She's also much prettier."
i love eddie izzard like madness, but - quoi? sally bowles? this seems like such a retarded idea. not that i actually think it would happen - and natalie would actually be really interesting in the role anyway - but if he gets it, you know we're field-tripping it to england to see the train wreck.

god. i would give an ovary to see eddie izzard live in just about anything. but i cannot get past what a terrible idea this would be. i mean, really.

and for the record, eddie izzard does not actually look good in women's clothes. (i happen to think when he's not transvetiting, he's pretty hot.) but he looks like a man in women's clothes. this does not diminish my love for him. and might not include the thigh-high stockings in the opening sequence of glorious.


there is something seriously wrong with my head.


Kate said...

hello dearie,
i agree! he IS pretty hot. mens AND women´s clothing. but i´m not entirely conviced of his skills of an actor. keep me updated on who beats out who! because i would field-trip in a second with you.

Jeremy said...

In the past two months, I've had two recommendations to experience the joy that is Eddie Izzard. It's high time I see this fella.

anna said...

a number of things:

.was "skills of an actor" a strongbad reference? cause i hope so.

.eddie gave an extraordinary performance in "a day in the death of joe egg." really one of the better performances i've ever seen on stage.

.jeremy (whoever you may be), SEE "dress to kill." immediately.

.i think they should both play sally. randomly split the nights and surprise the audience.