07 June 2006

je ne suis pas lesbienne

know what happens when blogger's down all day? well, yes, i read more scripts. but! also! you miss out on interesting, thoughtful posts about propaganda and anti-semitism, and find me at the end of the day when i've gotten past the bigotry, and have refocused my attention to this.

"this" is an fhm 'feature' (aka hot chick photo shoot) starring mythbusters' kari byron. i am all for kari getting the hot girl recognition, but there's something about it a little sad - she's been airbrushed to within an inch of her life, had the punky weird dye job covered over with red, and been poured into what looks like a very uncomfortable bra. i know 'genuine' isn't the key word in shoots like this, but all of her smiles look fake, and it all makes me a little sad.

it's not just that i don't like seeing one of my favorite people from the teevee looking a little unconfortably photographed. i don't like seeing one of my favorite kick-ass women all airbrushy and bleh. i know the fhm target audience probably doesn't have the same taste as me, but i think kari is way hotter (in a totally straight girl-to-girl way) on the show, when she's doing her hot tech girl thing, hot and smart and competent. but that's just because, even though i'm not a lesbian, i'm also not a straight guy. though i hope there are straight guys out there who find kari on the show sexier than airbrushed kari in the mag. i have faith in you, cool smart straight guys. live up to that.

but this also begs the question: when does tori get his day in the sun? tori, of whom there seem to be *no* hot pictures on the internet! wtf?!? girls, i am very disappointed. it's not like i'm looking for, much as i love him, grant-porn. it's tori. the hot guy. (whom we always suspect of hooking up with kari. that would be totally awesome.) get going on that, so i have things to link to.

report on satellites and adventures in jew-muslim relations coming tomorrow.

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Jeremy said...

You're right, those "hot tech girl" pictures you linked to are way better than the phony plastic shots from FHM. I think there are a lot of guys around who prefer real looking to airbrushed.

I don't have real cable, but Mythbusters makes me wish I did! :-)