02 June 2006


my morning just stopped and exploded in... something. something awesome. and anticipatory. and can't-wait-for-next-fall. the public theater, of which i am a subscriber and big-time admirer, has announced their upcoming season. the things that almost made me wet my pants:

*an unanounced shakespeare directed by james lapine & starring kevin kline.
*the singing forest by craig lucas.
*365 days/365 plays by suzan-lori parks.

less heart-stoppingly excitingly: durango by julia cho, passing strange by stew (but hey, rockin title), and emergen-see! by daniel beaty (again, title points). oh, and wrecked by neil labute.

but back to the awesome stuff. i don't even know where to begin. first, this shakespeare, which playbill.com helpfully points out will not likely be richard iii, much ado, henry v, or hamlet. though playbill also points out that he doesn't seem averse to repeating shows, as he's already done hamlet twice. along with everyone else and their mother, i'll spend some time to guessing which shakespeare that will be, but later, probably via email with john. right now it's just a haze of yay!

and then we get to Reasons We Love Oskar. i heard about this suzan-lori thing at the free public event in the fall (oskar moderating suzan-lori, john guare, and diana son in conversation about why the public is the best place in the world). every day for a year, suzan-lori wrote a play. some are half a page, some are longer. in the fall there weren't specifics, but this project is a joint effort between seven (i think) theatres around the country, splitting up the plays so that over the course of some time, they're all performed. culminating in a marathon performance (in nyc, methinks) of all 365 plays. can i even begin to express how much admiration and respect (and envy) the public deserves for doing this? talk about having faith in their writers. this is so miles beyond demanding that a play be cut so it comes in under 2:15 that i cannot express how much i want to hop on the n/r and prostrate myself on their floor.

and the singing forest. i heart this play. i heart craig lucas. i heart that this is complex, difficult, and probably still flawed, but a beautiful, ambitious, beautiful play. rumors had peter sarsgaard in a reading they did this spring. the long wharf cast was also amaazing, featuring your favorite muppet and mine, hamish linklater. fingers crossed for a repeat of that.

this is a stunning season. it is exciting. is is brave. (except maybe the neil labute. it's been produced elsewhere, it stars a star... i think it's an ed harris one-man show or something? well, the preview subscription is for five out of six plays. so there's that.) there are established playwrights doing daring things, and names i've never heard in my life. (okay, name, singular, but i've only heard of stew and julia cho through random channels.) but really it comes down to kevin kline, james lapine, craig lucas, and suzan-lori parks. i cannot freaking wait.

[update: actual official details, including logistics for 365 plays/365 days (which isn't so much a part of the public season as a public-curated event) can be found here. but i leave my speculative ramblings, above, intact.]

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anna said...

you, my dear, are making me desperately jealous. sometimes i'm glad not to be living in new york. and then i'm not again.