12 June 2006

rocking your world like the tonys never could

okay, so the tonys were lame (lachanze? really??) and satellites was just really not very good. so what's a theatre-lovin person to do? support young artists, support my theatre company, and have your world completely rocked! how, you ask? well, i'll tell you. this is how:

tickets are now on sale for things to ruin, aka the joe iconis show. one night only! (june 28.) joe is a fantastic composer, and an all-around swell guy, and tempco is producing this (one-night-only! june 28!) concert of his songs. the official (as in written by me & joe) blurb, to tell you what you need to know:

Temporary Theatre Company presents Things to Ruin, an evening of incendiary songs by 2006 Larson Award winner Joe Iconis, recently hailed by his mother as "the most exciting new voice in music theatre." Directed by John Simpkins (Go-Go Beach at NYMF), Things to Ruin showcases Joe's unique collision of rock and musical theatre with songs about porn stars, panic attacks, drug runs and true love, including cuts from Joe's garage band rock musical The Black Suits (premiering next year at MCC Theater). Performed by a cast of viciously talented young singers and a highly flammable four-piece band led by Joe himself, Things to Ruin will rock your world with an occasionally profane and always heartfelt explosion of music and high drama.
how much more awesome could it be? get your tickets!

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