05 June 2006

several steps of bad decision-making (illustrated)

when i went to see the munch show at moma a few weeks ago, i bought three postcards, with the intention of hanging them as a little tryptich. finally, yesterday, amidst the cleaning-product buying at bed bath & beyond,* i bought frames. remembering incorrectly that the postcards were not uniformly oriented vertically or horizontally, i bought three individual frames, 5" x 7" matted to 3" x 5". mistake number one, as it turns out that, of course, they're all oriented vertically. then, of course, the cards were too small to go in unmatted, but too large for the matting, all being about 4" x 6". mistake number two was when i failed to think about the fact that though the cards were 4" x 6", the images were actually very close to 3" x 5", and almost nothing would be lost by using the matting except for white space. but no, i, at the end of a long day, decide to glue stick the cards to the front of the matting. not a terrible idea. but i probably should have been more careful to keep the glue entirely under the cards. avoiding the bits of glue stick gunk that i ended up with. not a big deal, but my analness really kicks in for things like that. oh well.

then comes today, well, tonight, after a long day at work (long time-wise, not work-wise, because i'm a bad person), as i decide it's the perfect time to hang these. let's not forget that i set myself up for the near-impossible challenge of hanging three framed pictures straight in a vertical line. on a wall that, being behind my desk, can only be gotten to by standing on a chair. smooth. after several tries, they're finally up. mostly straight - i won't know if i'm too ocd for them till i live with it for a few days. the end product:

on the right, that's my six characters in search of an author poster from brown. to the left i still have a large gap of empty wall, which the munch cards went a small distance towards filling, but is really just gaping there. see?:

(mess of a desk conveniently didn't make it into the shot. that's a new yorker cartoon next to "the gates.") also, since productivity comes in fits, i finally hung the wee virgin & baby jesus icon i got in alaska (in september!).

above is a terra cotta three graces from venice. out the window is first avenue. close-up of the (russian) holy twosome:

aww. (that's the flash, not a holy apparition.) and in taking these pictures, i found on the camera some glamour shots of the cats i took when they were being particularly photogenic a couple of weeks ago.

he looks like he knows something, doesn't he? don't have to worry about that with this one:

i like 'em cute and dumb.

*james and i did a top-to-bottom (bathroom-to-livingroom) apartment clean. i will never stop being grateful for living six blocks away from bed bath & beyond.

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Jeremy said...

I know the pain of trying to decorate with lots of differently sized images. :/