29 June 2006

stalking the history boys, or: wednesdays in times square

an email exchange. no names have been changed because john HAS NO SHAME.

john: Dakin. Just – they broke the mold on him. Unreal. UNREAL. White briefs.Probably the white briefs he wears in the show. Oh. My. God.

jaime: um, where were you looking at his underwear?

john: Starlight deli. 1:38 pm. Turkey on a toasted roll with swiss, mayo, mustard and cucumbers.

jaime: how does that lead to underwear? did you pants him?

john: He was ‘riding low’

if they're going to pay us such paltry salaries here in the nonprofit theatre world, at least they set us down in prime stalking locations. i like to think of it as one of the perks.

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anna said...

is this something i should go see? (if i have time and can possibly afford it?)