29 June 2006

surplus recommends: fast and dirty

weight by jeanette winterson. lyrical, lovely, compact. retellings of myths can be tricksy, but when they're good they're very very good, and i really loved reading this book. you should, too.


arms - i've probably mentioned them before, and have the link in the sidebar over yonder, but i've got to make a special additional mention - todd (rockstar) put arms aside a few months ago to step it up and rock out with the harlem shakes, but some apparently-influential music blog recently posted about the arms ep. to be more specific, recently made love to the arms ep, on the internet, for everyone to watch. inundated with ep requests and general popular demand, arms is playing a gig july 26 at lit. (don't trust me on the specifics of that being correct.) but have a listen. it's really fucking fantastic. (this all is just one big see-i-was-right, since i've been an almost embarrassingly devoted arms groupie from the start.)


and lastly, surplus recommends staying in the city over holiday weekends. if your plans for a weekend in the berkshires fall though, the city's not a bad second-best. check in with me after i've melted onto the sidewalk on the delacorte, but i think this is going to be a fantastic weekend - the australia project, target, macbeth, jose gonzalez & psapp, belle & sebastian (also recommended: having a roommate with a river to river hookup), and then fireworks somewhere, maybe a roof.

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