23 June 2006

this could almost change my mind, but not

last night john called me: "what are you doing tomorrow night?"

now, usually, these are fantastic words to hear from john. i say, "nothing," even if it's not true, and he says, "wanna see this show that i'm getting free tickets to from work?" and i say, "yes," and suddenly i've seen dirty rotten scoundrels three times.

so last night john said, "what are you doing tomorrow night," and i said, "nothing," but then he deviated from the plan. "wanna go to the beach?"

and then i remembered that john hasn't actually known me very long, just a couple of years, and i guess he hasn't gotten a sense of how i feel about summer. and heat. and the beating, unrelenting sun. but this summer, the season comes with an up-side. the last two summers in nyc, i was working two jobs, either power-walking down 9th ave to playwrights horizons to telemarket after a full day at job 1, or power-walking across the east side and up fifth ave to stand for eight hours and tell people where the zero button is. i was looking forward to this summer for the sheer fact of actually having weekends. but there's even more - the brilliance that is the Summer Friday. every friday from memorial day to labor day, work ends at 3. (and this is a 10-6 day, so that's really something.) so right now, when i should be at work, i'm sitting on the couch, computer in lap, watching "to live and date in new york,"* with air conditioning, kittens, and soon, a bowl of chocolate soy delicious 'frozen soy dessert.' it's still way too fucking hot out, but this isn't a bad deal.

*i refuse to call it by its weird WE name, "single in the city." i loved this show before WE was even a channel, when this was on the metro channel, right after "subway q&a." shout out rich collier.

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John said...

The cure for summer sun is to get out of the city. Have I mentioned I have a car? Where do you want to go? I'm serious - I will go *anywheere*.

Also, Can you please find a way to post that first bit about me in my friendster profile? It makes me look so playful.

ps: I love entires largely about me.