11 July 2006

as they tear your hope apart, and they turn your dream to shaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaa-aaaaaaaaaaame

[the full cast of the les mis revival (take a moment to puke. okay, done?) was announced today. in the cast is one of my favorite people from the agency - he started as a client right when i started as an underpaid, overabused slave, and we've always liked each other. congratulations were in order.]

to: client whom we'll keep anonymous
from: jaime
subj: les mis?!!

just read on playbill. congratulations!! now i might have to reconsider my complete moral objection to this revival. very very happy for you. hope things are going well.

much love,


to: jaime
from: cwwka

Hey Jaime,
Thanks for the note. Yeah, I was objecting to the revival also til I got cast. Now I'm all for it. Funny how that works.


[also announced today, the two understudies (swingers?) for [title of show]'s commercial "transfer" from the vineyard to... the vineyard. pleased to say that i got to send both of them congratulatory emails as well, as they're an actor we found at an epa at work and love to use for readings, and one of the fabulous lady singers from iconsifest2006. congratulations and requests for free tickets all around.]

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