20 July 2006


i come over to blogger this morning (afternoon) with a sigh and a heavy heart. i feel obligated to write about the travesty piece of shit elimination on last night's project runway. the challenge - to make a pageant dress for miss u.s.a. everyone sketches, half of the designs are chosen. the chosen designers pick unchosen designers to be their partners. highlights of the first ten minutes include:

10:04 we realize keith's pretty much a jackass, and it'll be okay when he goes.
10:07 malan's starting to seem like a much more sympathetic guy. he's kinda puppy dog-ish in a really sweet way. not the pretentious ass he seemed at first. though we're still suspicious of his accent
10:08 vincent is a total douchebag.
so we watch vincent and angela descend into massive dysfunction. both of their faults. malan chooses katherine (aka the lesbian, though she probably isn't) for his partner, which is a really cute pairing, actually. vincent makes me intensely want to strangle him. total asshole. malan and katherine work wonderfully well together, and when malan's worried about the design, it's really sweet. in the end, malan's dress is kind of lovely and innovative, but totally wrong for the challenge. vincent's dress is kinda pretty, but he and angela were a disaster when it came to cooperation, and he bitches her out on the runway in front of the judges. when asked who, of him or katherine, malan would send home, he does the noble thing of saying himself, since it's his design and he's the team leader. all i want in the world is to give that man a hug. so it's down to malan and vincent for elimination. let's remember vincent's basket hat from last week. let's remember that he's a nutjob. and malan's a talented designer.

so they send malan home.

"judges decisions are based on scores as well as the producers' input." no shit.

not to mention the fact that this episode was clearly edited to make malan more sympathetic. which worked. because he was.

i know there's merit to keeping the freakshows around for entertainment purposes on shows like this. i'm just not used to sacrificing one of the most interesting designers for that cause on the second show. austin doesn't make it to the final three so wendy can? whatever, fine. but on the second show they get rid of a talented designer who's also crazy interesting character?? (his little monologue about his childhood felt like it was leading somehow to a german orphanage. something very hedwig about his storytelling.) they just went too far, and too obviously into the realm of producers influencing the judges decisions. we saw it coming miles away, but i couldn't believe they'd actually do it. and when they did i was seriously upset. james says he's boycotting project runway for the next few weeks. i don't have the moral center for that sort of thing, but still, i will be watching it with much less love and glee. fuckers.

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MCC said...

great posting.
i'm not boycotting though..i'm hooked. for sure.