31 July 2006

(i'm not really here)

i'm not really back, but my life just isn't the same when i'm not telling you what to think & do. in this case, what to buy tickets to:

flying on the wing

yes, he's one of my best friends. but! i am only friends with talented people. and this shit is really good.

(i think i am actually only friends with talented people. talented smart people. some time i'll have to cast back and see if i ever stopped being friends with someone when i realized they weren't so good.)

look, i don't like solo shows either. and that's coming from someone who went to college where every year ten of her friends took a class where they wrote one. (maybe that's why.) but! - this one's really good.

and the fringe festival is completely overwhelming. how are you going to know what to see if i don't tell you? michael's really one of the best performers i know, and he'll get a kick out of strangers seeing his show. and of the twelve of you who read this, i think there are a few he didn't go to school with.

but seriously? it's really good. i don't shill for bad shit my friends are in. go see it.

flying on the wing at the completely intimidating and overwhelming (but very nicely laid out) fringenyc website.

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