12 July 2006

make it work

it is my sad duty to let you all know that i will, unfortunately, not be liveblogging the "project runway" season premiere tonight, as i will be at, surprise of surprises, a play. a play that starts at 9pm, no less. but rest assured, the episode will be replaying no less than 87 times in the 48 hours after the premiere, so i think we'll be okay. (will i have the willpower to resist tuning in 20 minutes into the 11pm airing when i get home? miss the first 20 minutes? or wait a whole day to find out why tim gunn has to ask someone to leave? bravo is such a cocktease. i could just wake up at 4am to see the whole thing.)

i won't be liveblogging my watching of the reairing either, though, because if it's anything like my running commentary to james while watching the casting special 'road to the runway' last night, it'd be a lot like this:

10:02: ahh, tim gunn.
10:04: god, i love tim gunn.
10:07: tim gunn is amazing.
10:08: see? that's why tim gunn is amazing.
10:11: tim gunn's turtleneck is amazing.
10:14: ooh, i like her. she's spunky.
10:17: (laughs) oh, tim gunn. sigh.
10:23: ooh, he's hot.
10:29: it makes me so happy that after season 1 bravo realized how fantastic tim gunn is, and gave him so much more to do. he's so great. i love him.
10:32: (santino says something) uch.
10:35: (laughs) i love you, tim gunn.
10:39: ooh, jay's haircut looks great. i'm so glad he cut his hair.
10:41: remember when i saw tim gunn at the met? that was amazing.
10:47: i already have my favorites. i like the hot guy and the lesbian. (james says something.) i said i like the hot guy, too!

so yes, tim gunn, i love you. see you at 4am, baby. here's to lesbians, hot guys, terribly dubbed heidi klum voice overs, and tim gunn.

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anna said...

spooky how easily i can hear this.