18 July 2006

no, tim gunn. no.

i am heartbroken. my heart has been rent in two. and i mean that a little more seriously than a sane person should. the best week ever blog (really? they need a blog?) thinks they figured out what has tim gunn saying so brow-furrowingly concerendly, "i'm going to have to ask you to leave," and has all the other designers all mouth gapingly shocked. i almost wish i didn't know:

Fans of Project Runway and bitchy gay guys, brace yourselves: Season 3 contestant Keith Michael, he of the face like a bird (fine, a cute bird), may have cheated on his Project Runway application. A sharp eye over at Television Without Pity notes the similarities between many of Keith’s portfolio designs compared with those of some major designers, such as Lacoste and Marni. Keith, who fulfills my longtime fantasy of Jude Law and Greg Kinnear making delicious manlove and then producing a skinny, elf-like child, [omg, that's totally what he looks like! i don't even like greg kinnear that much, but it totally works] won last week’s challenge with a pretty halter dress stitched out of some blue bedsheets. But according to last week’s previews, we know something major goes down on Wednesday night’s episode, as Tim Gunn’s brows appear to knit a 13-ply cashmere cardi. (i.e. He looks pissed.) Look at these pics, then decide:
oh god. cause i really think it's true. (did i mention how much i've been loving keith? very much. he is really, really pretty, and a good designer to boot. probably the least gay project runway love i've ever had.) look at the pictures:

on the left, my mcdreamy's sketches. on the right, top to bottom, giambattista valli spring 2006, lacoste spring 2006, and marni spring 2006, whatever the hell that all means. (all pictures ripped off from the best week ever blog.)

if you're wondering just how amazing the interns are who found not only photos of the stolen designs, but photos that match the poses of the sketches, omgblog says the sketches aren't actually sketches, but photoshopped runway photos!! this is getting really, really ass.

but then, because keith (hi keith!) apparently reads omgblog, he writes in with a defense:
i thought it might be time to write in. for the record, i submitted 5 portfolios for the judges review. the one you seem to be focusing on was a research assignment i did for a client in which i reviewed key fashion trends. as a designer, trend forecasting jobs come to me quite frequently. i'm very proud of all the work that i do. the panel of judges that reviewed my work had many years experience behind them. i found them neither ignorant, uninformed or misguided about their own profession. keith-
(why is the dash after your name, keith?) check our omblog's thoughts on keith's defense. i'm still in that state of sad shock - all of the evidence is damning, but i'm just sad. cause i really liked this guy. he's got really pretty eyes, isn't a total raging homo (compared to, like, austin scarlett), and designed a beautiful dress. now, i, like the judges, and james, was skeptical of this dress as an asnwer to the first challenge:

the challenge was to create a look (that expresses them as designers, of course) using materials from their swank atlas ny apartments. people went totally apeshit crazy (bradley the dirty hippie stole robert the barbie guy's personal security-blanket pillow case!), and made apeshit crazy dresses out of all sorts of weird shit. but keith goes and uses a bedsheet. which is, like, fabric. to make a totally normal (very beautiful) dress. oh, and he got some beads somewhere. for a necklace. totally uncreative, right? but then on the runway he pulls this elaborate shpiel out of his ass about... something. i was kinda hypnotized by his feline eyes, but i did notice that his shpiel was totally convincing. he could have erradicated my skepticisim with the power of his words alone - the pretty eyes were merely a bonus to thank me for watching the show.

so i'll be sad to see him go, because he was eye candy and his clothes were pretty. and i feel kinda betrayed - how is the plagiarist not crazy-fuck malan, or crazy-fuck jeffrey, with the loopy script tattoo across his neck, of which the only word i can make out is detroit? you know, you watch a casting special and an episode of a show, and you think you really know a guy. now i'm gonna have to root for the lesbian snowboarder. (who might actually not be a lesbian, for the record. just compared to all the supergays, she's definitely the butchest person on the show.) or the dirty hippie. i don't even know where to begin.

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