14 July 2006

the poor girl's mother had died (or: why i have no energy to fight the into the woods references any more)

i know i'd promised this flurry of spf reviews. it's just gotten really depressing. of the first two, one was bad (i don't even remember what it was), and one was pretty alright. of the next two, one was good, and one was SO PAINFUL THAT I AM WRITING IN ALL CAPS TO EXPRESS MY HORROR AT THE AWFULNESS THAT WAS THIS SHOW. and it's really not nice to write reviews like that. but i think everyone involved was british, and they won't be reading this. so.

gardening leave. after the fourth scene i thought it was over. one woman up front did the little 'um, i think it's over?' tentative clapping, but stopped quickly when no one else joined in. i knew the director was a few seats behind me, so when he didn't clap, i settled in for one last scene. four blackouts later the thing finally ended. the first assignment in my freshman year playwrighting class was to write a boring play. we read them out loud, and almost none bored us - the teacher's way of releasing us from the fear of writing boring material. almost nothing can be boring. but oh, this play was. amazing, really, since the acting was mostly good and the writing didn't jump out as bad - yet somehow it was agony. i couldn't find enough other things to think about.

the butcherhouse chronicles. i did this show a disservice. after the horror of gardening leave (the matinee before butcherhouse at night) my boss reminded me that i can leave at intermission. (i would've if the two-hour thing had one!) usually a last resort, but when you're seeing eight kagillion of these things (okay, six), and it's really for scouting purposes for work, you have to protect your time and sanity. so when at intermission of the butcherhouse chronicles i knew it wasn't right for us at work, i left. it would have taken a miracle to keep me in theatre row any longer. i also was inclined to leave because lobby signs promised gunshots, and the play itself is pretty creepy (and jump-out-at-you scary), and i'm a total pussy. it's a shame, because this was the first really promising spf piece i'd seen. i actually recommend it, if only to have someone tell me what happens in the second act. if i had the program with me, or anything on the internet listed spf casts, i'd tell you the name of the fantastic redheaded girl who's a total line-reading genius, and that all of the kids are really great. (why are so many spf shows about teenagers?) if you get a chance this weekend, go see it.


also starting this weekend, the return of [title of show]. sigh. look at those badass motherfuckers. i'm going this weekend, because i really am that much of a dork. so be ready for me to be cussing up a storm, and calling everyone bitches. can you handle the anticipation? can you handle susan's leather pants?


MCC said...

i found your blog through rocco's. and i'm now a fan.

come check out rip me open if you can. the desiree in the show is the very same desiree who did a solo show last summer.


M. Alice said...

"Kate Morgan Chadwick". she's brilliant.

Lauren said...

it took me a long time to find this, but m. alice is correct, she IS brilliant.

Kate said...

I'm not sure where I am, but a friend told me that she had found some nice comment about me, and I just found this (well over a year later, i think)..but this is KMC, and thank you for your kind remarks. made my day.

Jaime said...

Kate - I'm so glad! If you're ever in a show or something, please do drop me a line.