16 July 2006

these people should really start paying me - voluntary promotion

[title of show] kevin mccollum should really be paying me. or hunter bell, in the pay-for-love sort of way. saw the show again, and it is just super fantastic. to see it for cheap: all tickets to the thursday 10pm shows are $40. to see it for cheaper: two hours before curtain unsold seats go for $25. you may need a student id for this. i can lend you mine.

something to keep in mind - when you see [title of show], it seems like a lot of the material was generated through improv. you can totally see hunter & jeff fucking around to get "original musical," or the brilliant scene change from the trannies&shrimp phone call to the next scene. put four friends in a room and goof off - voila, c'est un (une?) musicale. easy, right? wrong. hunter wrote that shit, all from his head. and that is some good shit.

should i worry that everyone gets all mushy about "a way back to then," but the show that captures my theatre girl heart is "part of it all"? i'm such a whore.


and speaking of the [title of show] songs, a whole separate Go Do/Buy This to y'all for the [title of show] original motherfucking cast recording. (and yes, i'm listening to it now as i write.) i find it very hard to listen to this stuff and not sing along. (and yes, i know about 80% of the choreography. i just have a good mind for that shit.)

[if you have the cd, or when you buy it on my recommendation, or if you know the show well enough to have memorized the score, take a moment to imagine yourself a nymf judge listening to demo cds of submitted musicals. imagine hearing this opening number. i, personally, would have been sold at approximately 1:02, and completely sold by 1:42, "and now we'll cross downstage toward you." my inside sources tell me this is the one number that's remained unchanged from nymf, and probably before. and that makes sense, because it's perfection.]

aside from getting to finally sing along with all this fabulous stuff, i'm also getting to just really appreciate these kids' voices. (fyi, vineyard - your back row acoustics are wonky.) we know that hunter had me at "cracker," but i never realized how jeff can wail. (heidi's singing "a way back to then" from my stereo right now, and i'm falling in love with her voice all over again.) and heidi and susan have the loveliest blend. i'm not just saying that because the movie theatre yesterday was playing something from wicked. (idina & midget chenowith - Worst. Blend. Ever.) and tom stoppard or someone (terrence mcnally, i think) wrote the liner notes. go buy it. these bitches deserve our support. (i don't want to give too much away, but they meow in harmony.)


and because i do like things other than [title of show] - while i was wandering around union square killing time before seeing [title of show] yesterday, i came across this poster at one of the ubiquitous artist tables. first, i bought one. ($10 silkscreen art! and it's gorgeous!) i won't be around for the benefit gallery show, but from what the silkscreen artist woman (why is her name nowhere?!) told me, it's for a wonderful cause. potentially a way radical environmental freak cause, but when are those actually bad?

if you catch this artist girl around union square (yesterday she was across the street from whole foods - tall, thin, pretty, blonde hipster girl, table full of gorgeous silkscreens like this one), take a good look at her art. it's ridiculously underpriced (they're all $10!), and all very beautiful. my 16x20 print of the poster is going on the wall over my desk, finally filling the big gap on my wall. now i just have to address the fact that exposed brick does not wall art make, and i need something over my bed.

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eliot said...

hi -- the poster is by kv. you can check out photos of her art on flickr and the poster is available online at visualresistance.org