24 August 2006

And then we all three yelled in tandem, "WHAAT?!??!!!"

Recently-ex roommate Allison came over last night for a reunion around the hearth of the new episode of Project Runway. We know what holds us together. With ex-roommate-Allison and James, and Michael in touch via rampant text messaging, I watched the most outrageous - as in insipring of outrage - episode to date. I really don't know what crack the judges and producers are smoking, but it's getting out of control. There are things to say about the episode that don't have to do with this rampant sucking, like how scary Michael Kors' mom is, but I'm too angry. I haven't been this pissed off since Malan got the boot. Tim Gunn has some words to say, albeit much more restrained than any of mine:

Vincent wins (note absence of exclamation point). Let’s begin with his model, Heidi (Uli’s mom). She could be a model; Heidi’s tall, gorgeous, and has a great figure. So Vincent was not even remotely challenged by the prospect of working with a new size, shape, or set of proportions. Therefore, his only challenge was design … and what was that? From my point of view, he made a simple sheath and adorned it with an oversized pilgrim-collar, and a collar that merely stood out on the front of the dress and didn’t even exist on the back. Huh? I didn’t get it and it certainly wasn’t my taste. But it suited the judges’ taste and that’s what matters. Congratulations Vincent, whatever you are.
"Whatever you are" indeed. How about "a crap designer and really annoying guy being kept around by the producers because you're a whackjob"? I think that works. My problem, and the problem agreed on by everyone in my apartment, and Michael-by-text, wasn't so much the style - the collar was weird, but the idea, if simple, was fine. It was the COMPLETELY HORRENDOUS FIT. It was bunchy, unflattering, wrinkly - all highlighted by the lightly irridescent fabric. If Tim thought Uli's mom had the figure of a model, none of us could see it, because Vincent's dress made her look fat. It was completely hideous. Shrieks of horror broke out in the living room when she hit the runway. Michael texted me with something about beige bats that I think was a reference to the freakshow collar, but one can't be expected to be coherent in a situation like that.

And then he won. And then Robert got kicked off. But first, VINCENT WON. For an ass ugly construction. Complete bullshit. It's all so incredibly wrong. James has sworn off Project Runway, and though I'll still be watching, this season is getting worse and worse. It's seriously tainted. I still love Kayne and Michael, and Uli's clothes get more and more gorgeous (says Tim: "Uli’s design for Judy (Kayne’s mom) should have won, in my contrarian opinion," and says Jaime, "Amen."), but the kicking off of designers this season has been seriously fucked up - surprises are fine, but when we're screaming at the tv in outrage more times than not - and it's really affecting my ability to enjoy the show.

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