10 August 2006

blah blah project runway blah blah

you know, when i watch it with other people, i just don't have that much to say in the morning. i usually find the term "to blow one's wad" distasteful, but you get the idea.

so, um... best challenge ever*... sad to see bradley go rather than vincent, because though both of their ensembles were ass ugly and failed the challenge, vincent's was worse, and i hate hate hate him. but we all knew bradley's sweet unhingedness wasn't exactly going to take him to fashion week. oh, and crazy fucktard jeffrey's dress was actually the worst, and why was he not in the bottom group?

let's see, what else... michael was real cute on the phone with his momma... um... oh, right - kayne should have freaking won!

you can't really tell in the picture, but that dress was fricking gorgeous. and, i think, the only one that modernized the icon in spirit, not just style. and it was fricking gorgeous. uli's dress was also drop-dead. not that we don't love our michael knight, but the shorts were actually not ideally proportioned, no matter what the judges thought. at least in our living room, we wanted them tighter and shorter - and who wouldn't? glad to see him win a challenge, but it should have been kayne, and if not him, uli, with her swirling orgasm of purple print.

(trying to snag images off the bravo website makes me want to stab out my eyes.)

when bradley and robert were the final two for elimination (i refuse to use "auf" as a verb - "auf'd?" that's just crazy) james announced that if robert were to be kicked out, he would stop watching the show. (a protest move sure to be appreciated by the big men at bravo tv. but a move probably to be appreciated by all of you reading this, because i'd spend my hour watching alone, saving up witty goodness to write for you here. ) although i was sad to see bradley sent back to the "spacey woodsprite tree hollow magic mushroomland" whence he came, i agree it was the right choice of the two. of course, i don't want to see team gayfantastic broken up, but if this blog could go back in time and say something to robert, it wouldn't be the judges' caution to "stop being so boring." it would be "stop with the puffy drawstring jackets! they're ugly!"

even the model's faces that say 'yick'

but it was all worth it for the (possibly-misheard) michael knight conflict-mediation quote of the night: "i'm not tryin'a play 'save-a-ho,' as we say in the hood."

in other news, at dinner last night i contextually used "hot box of crazy" for the first time in my life. surely not the last.

*the challenge: to modernize the look of a fashion icon. each designer got a different icon, chosen by the designer's model in a scrambly free-for-all grab-fest. twiggy, marilyn monroe, pam grier, cher, etc. like i said. best. challenge. ever.

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