17 August 2006


In case you're wondering, I'm not gonna do a Project Runway write-up this week. It was a decent episode, but nothing thrilling. Or maybe I just wasn't so into it because I was still recovering from crying like a little baby for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. I promise it wasn't only because Travis didn't win.

this is the best picture of travis dancing that i could find, and it really doesn't do justice. i'll give $20 to anyone can find a picture of his superhuman extension, so i can use it for my desktop, my phone wallpaper, and to have it made into a tattoo. you can see what i'm talking about here. his solo is the first video. behold.

I'm actually okay with Benji winning. Mostly because I could tell it would happen. Though like Travis and Benji, I'd have been happy with Trenji. Especially if it were my boyfriend.

make out!

I didn't even cry when Benji won. Well, until Benji started sobbing. Sobbing. Like I don't even know what. But at least I didn't cry because Travis lost. Though I did cry for the half-hour leading up to that. The dancers are just so great. (sniff.) Look how high they can jump.

But in honor of Travis, I share with you this. Guess which nine-year-old he is. What a stah.

In news of other excuses, Rocco, I will be writing about Faith Healer soon. It's just hard when there's so much delicious television.

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