20 August 2006

Festival Medley

Two festivals, two sold-out shows, two shows brought back. See them both.

First, the Fringe has added a performance of Flying on the Wing. You know, that Fringe show that sold out before it opened, that I've been telling you is so awesome. Other people are saying it's awesome, too. ("I've seen six Fringe shows, and this is the first good one.") And now they've added a performance, so you can go see it. Really, I don't shill for friends unless they're good. Don't believe me? Fine. Here are some reviews, you snobs:

In this tightly scripted, packed set of reflections and flashbacks, Michael plays himself and other people in his life... This is a skilled and sympathetic actor at work, not just some guy standing up and talking about his life... you stop wanting to call it a one-man show because he has created a cast.
- Edge Magazine
Writer-performer Michael Perlman is a gifted theatre artist who uses his unique physicality to its full theatrical potential. He has the musicality and physical grace of the very best performers...if by any chance you're thinking this is something you don't want to see, you would be very, very wrong.
- NYTheatre.com
Flying on the Wing - Sunday, August 27th - 12:15pm. Tickets here.

Next, Things to Ruin is coming back. That's the concert of Joe Iconis' music that Temporary Theatre produced in June at Ars Nova. (That's him being a cool motherfucker next to that car.) You know, the completely sold-out rock concert of new musical theatre. (You can hear some of Joe's music here.) The first time around it was so freaking good that fancy Broadway producer lady was like, "Joe, that was great. I wish I could have invited more fancy producer people. I'd love to have you do it again as part of NYMF. But if I attach my name to it, it gives people the wrong idea. What about these Temporary Theatre people? They seem very good. Would they do it again?" And we were like, "Fuck yes." So TempCo's going to the festival. And I'm being adult about it and not making any references to Into the Woods or [title of show]. (Although one of our original actresses, Courtney Balan, is the [tos] female understudy extraordinaire.) The first incarnation of this show sold out super fast, and it was incredibly awesome and rocked very, very hard. You should not miss it this time.

Things to Ruin: the songs of Joe Iconis - Tuesday, September 26th - 8pm. tickets here.

Got all that? Good. Let's not forget the words of NYTheatre.com, which I'll apply to Things to Ruin also, even though they were written for Flying on the Wing:

"If by any chance you're thinking this is something you don't want to see, you would be very, very wrong."

No one wants to be wrong.

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