30 August 2006


From the Public's website:

"Please note that there will be limited ticket distribution for the following performances: August 15, August 21, August 31 and September 3."

Many weeks ago, when James and I were picking our date for Mother Courage, we looked at this page. And we looked at these dates. And I don't know if the dates have since changed, or we're just that dumb, because we're lining up for tickets for August 31st. And here I was all, We have beach chairs. This'll be a breeze. Great.


Rocco said...

So I did it last night. We got there at 2:00 (in the rain) and pretty much nobody else showed up until at least 4:30. And then everybody showed up between 5 and 6. Seriously,hoards of people showed up between 5 and 6.

Not sure if this is helpful considering I guess things will be different tonight with the weather and the "limited tickets", but FYI 2am got us the 5, 6, & 7th places on line down at the Public

Jeremy said...

Y'all are braver than me. I was totally going to do the overnighter cause like I'm not working right now, but then the weather had to go and suck, so I guess I won't be seeing Meryl & co.