03 August 2006

is it time for the 'so you think you can dance' results show yet?

so, no, i didn't liveblog project runway last night. i would have, except, one, it occured to me about twenty minutes into the show, and two, i was busy repeat dialing to vote for travis on 'so you think you can dance.' you think i'm kidding? if only.

but because even when i'm in a room alone watching tv all i do is think of things to say about what i'm watching, i can give you an idea of what we missed:

10:05 - every time vincent speaks i want to kill something.
10:12 - either the editors have no sense of subtlety and are trying to make us all hate keith before he's booted, or they're employing some intense misdirection. really hoping for the latter at this point.
10:15 - robert, kayne - the tank tops - why?
10:28 - oh, i guess bravo isn't that subtle. bye.
10:32 - i really hope michael and laura are fucking.
that's basically it. oh, except for: "10:45 - where the fuck is michael kors?" i really do hope michael knight and laura start sleeping together. it would be incredibly awesome. but you know a major, you've-been-waiting-for-it episode fell flat when what i remember best is that robert and kayne (formerly known as team gayfantastic) both wore tank tops. and i mean girl tank tops. with little strappy straps. but anyway. keith. lame.

disappointing on two counts - one, we all knew he was the one getting booted. (seriously, bravo, could you have painted him more heavily with the asshole brush? i couldn't even buy into it because it was so overdone. except for laura's hatred of him, which was fun.) but then two, it wasn't for something as scandalous as we thought it would be. pattern books? sure, against the rules. but such a let-down. and he was mildly a jerk about it, and then he left.

about bravo's heavy-handed editing, there's still some good 'what the heck's bravo going for with this portrayal' going on in that i am very intrigued to see what happens with poor unhinged bradley. they keep making us think he's about to start talking to the mannequins (as if that's a step worse talking to the fabric?), but he keeps not breaking, and when he does sorta break, the judges love his clothes. i like this kid. which probably means he'll be gone next week. (though, hey, they didn't kick off someone i like this week. which is a step.)

so... yeah. not exciting. at all. sorry to waste your time. but i needed to get the laura & michael rumors going fast. (and seriously, there are no good pictures of them on the internet, so i'm giving up. the project runway website pictures are some flash bullshit, so i can't just steal those, and you try doing a google image search for michael knight.)

[update: check out what mcc (pronounced, i like to think, mac-SEE) at perpetually nauseous has to say - basically all the same things as me, but funnier. like this: "does Michael like a little flat chested cream in his coffee?" see? it's spreading!]

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