10 August 2006

it's like they *want* me to get no work done

and we thought all james urbaniak was good for was cute baby pictures and tearing my still-beating heart from my chest and smothering it in the most beautiful literary angst eight shows a week at the dr2. but now he brings us this: The Stephen Colbert "On Notice" Board Generator. whee! toys!

the standard "on notice" board looks something like this:

james urbaniak's board looks like this:

that's basically all shows/networks who've recently failed to cast him, and people (some possibly made up) with whom he's got livejournal beef. but, you know, it's probably a good thing he's not in "studio 60 on the sunset strip," because that would be too much for me to handle. bradley whitford, timothy busfield, michael stuhlbarg, and james urbaniak? even with tivo i'd never leave the house. it's almost dirty how amazing that would be.

i must be a better person than i thought, though, because at first i couldn't come up with enough things to fill mine. some of it was easy (musical forum board, i'm looking at you), but past four or five listings, i ran dry and started making shit up like "the nonexistence of the second avenue subway." which really doesn't fit in the allotted space. eventually i was able to conjure enough ire - this all sounds ridiculous, because i'm one of the most easily annoyed people i know. but this isn't the appropriate venue to bitch out "those fuckers who live upstairs from us and throw cigarettes out their windows that land right by our windows and make our bathroom smell like dirty smoke." so, anyway, i thought long and hard, and got in touch with my hatred. curious if you can tell which of these came to mind immediately and which were more of a stretch.

but keira, you and your stupid face are officially On Notice. i feel much better now.

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