03 August 2006

okay, tim gunn, i love you again

aha! gothamist's proyect runway coverage led me to this gem in tim gunn's "tim's take" blog:

And please let me put some rampant speculation to rest. It seems that everyone now knows about the sketchbook in which Keith presents copies of the work of other fashion designers. Nina, Heidi, Michael and I all noted this when we reviewed the portfolios of the semi-finalists. Keith presented four to six sketchbooks and look-books (I can’t recall the exact number), and we assumed that this particular book was for inspiration. Fashion Designers have a responsibility to look at the design work around them. Many make notes or illustrations of the work that appeals to them. It’s not at all unusual. So, for us, that sketchbook was and continues to be a non-issue.
thank you, tg. and it's fine, and sort of what i thought - i mostly just wish the "sketchgate" thing hadn't happened, so i wouldn't have been so unsurprised that keith got the boot.

can you totally hear tim gunn's voice when you read it? it's a tim gunn v.o. in my head. mmm. and way better than the weird product-placement 'joyride' thing to the cloisters. i mean, i liked the reference to my tim-gunn-sighting at the met way back in season one when i was slightly less common in my love, but it was almost as awk as the jay mccarroll stuff in 'road to the runway.' but it's okay now, tim. we're cool.

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