24 August 2006

Please Don't Kill Yourself Tonight

Okay, yes, I cry very easily in movies. And when people win reality shows. Some reality shows. (Did you see that girl who won "America's Got Talent"? It's a totally crap show, but I saw the last 30 seconds on Bravo the other day, and the eleven-year-old girl who won it just broke my heart. Anyway.) Maybe it's not that I cry easily, but randomly. Once in a while, though, I go all out, balls to the wall, and just sob like a broken little thing. Last half hour of Amelie, por ejemplo. (Seriously, everything from Sacre Coeur onward. James actually had to ask if I was okay.) I'm sure there are other examples, but that's the example to which all other crying in movies is held. While tonight didn't surpass that mark, it was pretty good.

Little Miss Sunshine. I don't know what to say. I can say that I'm very glad the movie theatre is a block from my apartment, because though I stopped crying half way through the credits, and didn't cry for (almost any of) the walk home, I don't know if I could have handled a subway, and I sure wouldn't have wanted to. This, like the Amelie crying, isn't sad crying. Don't worry. (And I'm not still crying now.) (And yeah, I know I'm a total pussy.)

There's a lot I could say about the movie, but I'm writing this post to tell you to see it (do!), which presupposes that you haven't, so I don't want to give anything away. So, go see it. I'd been wanting to see it for a while, and for some reason, after a few free nights in a row, tonight was the night I went. It's really nice when the movie you see says exactly what you needed to hear specifically that night. Not in a telling you what you want to hear sort of way, but just in matching. It's saying it's own thing, and you happen to be there to hear it, and to really need it at the moment. This is simplifying things a lot, but Little Miss Sunshine, among many other things, was saying, in its way, specifically, to me, tonight, "It's okay," which is exactly what I needed to hear.

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John said...

It is, indeed, ok. Call me tmrw so we can debrief about this wonderful film that I'm so glad you saw. See - there is life beyond the history boys! ps: Are you familiar with L.I.E.? If you're as much in love with Dwayne as I was, you must see it. pps: Did you flip the moment the Sufjan kicked in, or are we still getting you there?