09 August 2006

putting the "gin" in "original"

this so doesn't qualify for gawker stalker, but: yesterday as i was leaving work i passed bob martin. he looked somewhat rushed, and when i'm sunglassed and headphoned my reaction time on these things is slowed down, so i didn't say anything. but mostly because he looked all rushed. (and being rushed, he walked past me too quick for me to-- i'm totally going in circles.) so bob, if you're reading this, um, i just wanna say, i really love your show, and i think you're really great, and, like, oh, i'm not some random fan, i actually, like, work in the theatre? and i just, like, really really loved your show. and you. in your show. i actually saw it twice? and you're, like, so great. in it.

i think that all worked out for the best, actually. keep walking fast, bob.

(i managed to restrain myself from similar drooling on beth leavel* when she was at a work cocktail thing a few weeks ago. purely self-control, in that case. and fear of making an ass of myself in front of all the semi-shmancy people present. which was still self-control.)

*who, oh my god, [geek alert] it seems was in crazy for you. playing tess, who i think is one of the showgirls? maybe the featured smart assistanty one that whatshisface is in love with? [holy fuck i just had to wikipedia - is that a verb like "google"? - crazy for you because i don't remember anything from this play i was in six years ago. bela zangler! and yes, tess is the 'dance manager' that he's after.] but i would single-handedly produce a revival of that show just to see her play irene. and this has nothing to do with me having maybe played that very same part in 12th grade. it would just be fucking awesome. she would. in the role.

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Rocco said...

I passed by him a few weeks ago too. Thing is, he's so ordinary looking, you really can't confirm the sighting in your head until its too late.

And please, theatre non-celebrity sightings are my favorite.