23 August 2006

Satisfaction Guaranteed, if only because there are multiple pictures of Stephen Campbell Moore

1. Have you bought your tickets for Flying on the Wing yet? No? What the hell is wrong with you. "But Jaime," you say, "the added performance isn't on the Fringe website." Sigh. Fine. Here.

2. Who wants to join me tomorrow (Thursday) night for some front-row-ish obstructed-view student rush History Boys action? The part you can't see is the video screen, not Dominic Cooper's bare legs. Tickets are $26.50, or so, and I can pick them up on my way to work. And for all that a mention of The History Boys requires a mention of Dominic Cooper, I've got to be fair and say I'm really on it for this hunk:

I like 'em pasty...

...and hiding behind a banister.

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