28 August 2006

"Totally Hot and Motherfucking Awesome"

Rocco has a fantastic post up on The Coast of Utopia, the Tom Stoppard/hot actor orgy taking over Lincoln Center Theatre this year. Of course, rather than blog about it properly, I left an epic comment to his post. But since I can't very well copy the entirety of his post for you here, go over there and read it, and trust that it's basically exactly what I would say - Brían O'Byrne is "totally hot and motherfucking awesome," and JBH (I really don't feel like him Googling himself and finding this) is constantly showing off his junk on stage. He even has a shout-out to Alias. I'm also currently accepting donations to fund my marathon viewing of the three plays, since it's looking like the generosity of James' family for some reason doesn't extend to $300 of theatre (and probably two meals) in a single day. Or maybe they just don't want to spend all day with me in a theatre. Have you sat next to me when Brían or JBH is on-stage? It's rough. God help us all when it's the two of them plus Billy Crudup.

the important points, in vaguely Gawker-style links:
Know Your Russian Literary Intelligentsia [what's good / what blows in new york theatre]
the Coast of Utopia blog [maybe the stodgiest blog ever]
Stripping Down Men on Broadway [NYT via International Herald Tribune - choice nudity quotes from JBH]


Rocco said...

$300 is unbelieveable.

But seriously, TCoU has Play-By-Play written all over it, even with all those stars in it. Lincoln Center is pretty good about papering when they have a half empty house.

Jaime said...

That would be the most amazing thing ever. Maybe second, after getting Play-by-Play for Spring Awakening.