07 September 2006

Bitterness and Gall

I really feel like writing this afternoon, and about a non-theatre thing - it wasn't just Kate complaining that made me feel like this blog's been taken over by theatre-talk - but all I have in me is various whiney, ranty complaints. Behold:

-Although I generally like working in Times Square, especially compared to our old office's location in the garment district, every time I have to go to the ATM on Broadway and fight through the tourists and comedy show hawkers, I want to puke and die. Go to a different ATM? You know where the next closest Bank of America ATM is? Motherfucking Port Authority. Yeah right.

-I found out two nights ago, via my "AS Byatt" Google News Alert, that the film butchering adaptation of Possession was written and directed by NEIL LABUTE. Although this explains why the movie was such a train wreck (and why Aaron Echkart was in it), it does not explain who read an AS Byatt book and thought, "I know. Neil LaBute." What the hell?

-Although last night's Project Runway was a departure from the recent suckitude - Jeffery's very awesome dress won, and Vincent's finally gone - I couldn't really enjoy it because, one, I'm still disheartened from the recent suckitute, and two, I was knocked out on the couch after a nostalgic relapse into last summer's, in James' words, stomach retardation. The thirty-three mint chocolate chip cookies of the afternoon might have had something to do with it.

-No one on Craigslist wants to buy my two-year-old creaky Ikea loft. It comes with a mattress! And nowhere in the ad does it say "old" or "creaky" or "Want your roommates to know you're having sex? Here's how!" Yes, I'm asking too much money for it, but I really need the money!

-I'm broke.

See? I'm a total bundle of negativity. It's like M. and I have traded blogs, except he's not nearly this annoying when he's down. My room's a mess, I have a hacking cough, every time I go to the gym I feel sick, and the play I was supposed to see tonight was cancelled. I don't know if this is the product of a recent lack of human contact (James has recently been in Scotland, the Berkshires, and now Nashville or something for the premiere of a double bass/banjo/weird Indian instrument concerto, we're currently between third roommates, and we know I don't really have any other friends) or what, but the inside of my head is not a fun place to be right now. So I share it with you? Glad you asked, right? I can't even find a proper google image search result to give you an image here. Wah.

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M. Alice said...

Whoa! I get a shout-out on SURPLUS! And I thought my year couldn't get any better...

I can't stand Times Square. I hate walking through it to get to Hell's Kitchen. They should set it up like Disney World: build the "street level" 12 feet above ground and fashion a passageway beneath for the non-tourists get around swiftly.

I've been broke for the majority of my adult life now.

Am I really the model of negativity? I like to think of it as pragmatism.

When I'm really "down", however, I'm far worse than "annoying"... I'm an angel of death. A whiny angel of death.