15 September 2006

The Curse of a Generation

Everyone, meet new roommate Kate. Here's an introduction by way of IM:

kate: and i feel in love with one of the performers at [the show] last night
jaime: another gay?
kate: YES
kate: jaime
kate: what am i going to do?
jaime: if only i knew the answer.
kate: can we start a club?
kate: and then kill ourselves?
kate: i guess that's move of a cult
jaime: after i find out if [redacted] is gay. then, yes.
kate: haha ok
kate: have you heard of the movie shortbus?
jaime: yup
jaime: please tell me he's in it.
kate: ok well apparently he's in it
jaime: ohmigod
jaime: well, we can see the movie and see him having sex.
kate: haha YES
kate: oh jaime. i'm so glad i'm living with you. you UNDERSTAND me
kate: on a deeper level
jaime: in a falling for gay boys and seeing them have sex in art-porn movies way?
kate: well
kate: that's deep, right?
jaime: this is an anal sex joke just waiting to happen.
kate: haha well I wasn't going to go there
jaime: neither was i. i just commented obliquely around it.
kate: right
jaime: can i put this conversation on my blog?
kate: ha aw hell why not
jaime: awesome. thanks for the material.
jaime: sorry to exploit your pain like that.
kate: ha no worries
kate: and the plan is still on.

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